verruca clinic

verruca clinic

Dedicated Verruca Treatment clinic  (plantar wart clinic)

  • Is a verruca causing you pain?
  • Struggling to get rid of it?
  • Are you wanting the most effective verruca treatment available

We offer the most effective verruca treatment, proven in clinical research, available.

Everyday, in our clinic, we see people who are concerned about their verrucae.  It could be that they have had it for years and just can’t get rid of it,  or it might be new and they don’t want to risk passing it on to family.  Which is why, as podiatrists, we get so excited about Swift technology.  Traditionally, verruca’s were extremely hard to treat, but that all changed with the introduction of this treatment method, with 95% of patients saying they would recommend it to friends.

Swift is an exciting new state of the art technology, using microwave energy, to enable the extremely precise treatment for verruca without breaking the skin surface.  

In clinical studies it has proved to:

1. Be effective even on extremely stubborn verruca, where other treatment methods have failed

2. Have the highest success rates of all verruca treatments available

It is a quick and highly effective procedure, requiring three treatment sessions after your initial consultation.  It is a short treatment, with no local anaesthetic or dressings required. 


In your first appointment with us we will:

  • Check that what you have is actually a verruca, as there are some other presentations that can look very similar
  • If the verruca is causing you discomfort,  we will debride it down and make it more comfortable for you
  • Assess your suitability for the use of Swift as their some rare circumstances where it is less likely to work (if this is the case we will then discuss this with you, and talk over your other options)  
  • Answer all your questions so that you can make an informed decision as to whether you wish to book an appointment for treatment to go ahead  


95 % of patients would recommend it to friends

Most effective verruca treatment available 


If you are ready to start treatment of your verruca, click to book an appointment or call us.

We are here to help.