sports foot / ankle injury

sports foot / ankle injury

  • Have you suffered a foot or ankle injury during sport?
  • Is a long term injury holding you back from enjoying the sport you love?
  • Picked up a new niggle and want to stop it developing into something worse?

We are a team of dedicated specialists in bio mechanics, musco-skeletal (msk) and sports podiatry, having seen over 15,000 appointments, with a wealth of experience in getting people back to what they love to do. 

We understand the frustration of not being able to enjoy the sport you love.  We will work with you from day one with the goal of getting you back to doing what you love! 
  • Who do we help?

Here at the Foot and Ankle Clinic we have treated many athletes and sports lovers, amateurs and professionals, for a range of sports injuries in the foot and ankle, such as Achilles tendonitis, Plantar fasciitis, ligament injuries, ankle instability, and bursitis, to name a few. 

If you are frustrated by your injury we understand.  We help people like you very day.  We are committed to helping you get better and staying that way!

  • How do we help you?

Our experienced team will use their vast knowledge and experience, combined with the best technology available, to achieve great results by:

  • Investigating the cause of your pain, using a range of assessment methods
  • Developing an appropriate treatment plan and bespoke rehabilitation tailored for you and your particular presentation of sports foot or ankle injury, to get you out of pain and back to achieving your goals
  • Treating the condition.  Techniques may include rehabilitation, foot mobilisations, manipulations, shockwave therapy, bespoke exercise programmes, to name but a few  
  • Closely monitoring your progress to ensure the best outcome
  • Strengthening the relevant structures to minimise the chances of the problem recurring.  We are focused on long term solutions solving the cause of the problem, rather than quick fixes to just mask the pain in the short term

The First Step…

  • In your first appointment with us we will:
    – Take a full and thorough history
    – Carry out any appropriate tests which may include range of motion tests, gait analysis, nerve tests, 3D scans. 
    – Assess suitability for a range of treatments including:
    Shockwave therapy
    Foot/Ankle Mobilisation
    Foot/Ankle Manipulation
    Rehabilitation programme
    Exercise programme

If you’re ready to get back to enjoying sport, click the button to book an appointment. If you have a question, please take advantage of our FREE telephone consultation offer.  

We are here to help.