heel pain

heel pain

  • Are you suffering with heel pain?
  • Is it stopping you from doing what you love to do?
  • Perhaps you have had it for years and believe you’ve tried everything?

We are a team of dedicated specialists, having seen over 15,000 appointments, with a wealth of experience in getting people pain free.


  • Who do we help?

In our heel pain clinic we regularly hear patients describing their pain and how it is affecting their enjoyment of every day life.  It may be that the pain is stabbing, burning or aching.  It may be worse at a certain time of day or after a particular activity.  For some it may hurt when they first stand up, whilst for others it may flare up after walking or standing all the time.  But for all it is a frustration that they want gone.  

With over 53 main causes of heel and foot pain, including bursitis, heel spurs, plantar fasciitis to name but a few, it is extremely important that treatment plans are bespoke, as what works for one will not necessarily work for another, as there are so many underlying issues and causes for heel pain.  For example, you may think you have plantar fasciitis when in fact you have a completely different condition, as there are many conditions it can be easily confused with.  On a daily basis we see people in the clinic who have been incorrectly diagnosed with plantar fasciitis which is an extremely common condition and so can be used as a catch all.  In these cases treating it as though it is plantar fasciitis can even make it worse! 



  • How do we help you?

Their knowledge, combined with the best technology available, ensures we achieve great results by:

  • Investigating the cause of your pain, using a range of assessment methods
  • Developing an appropriate treatment plan and bespoke rehabilitation tailored  for you and your particular presentation of heel pain, to get you out of pain and back to enjoying what you do
  • Treating the condition.  Techniques may include rehabilitation, foot mobilisations, foot manipulations, shockwave therapy, bespoke exercise programmes to name  but a few
  • Closely monitoring your progress to ensure the best outcome
  • Strengthening the relevant structures to minimise the chances of this ever recurring.  We are focused on long term solutions rather than quick fixes to just mask the pain in the short term 

The First Step…

  • In your first appointment with us we will:
    – Take a full and thorough history
    – Carry out any appropriate tests which may include range of motion tests, gait analysis, nerve tests, 3D scans. 
    – Assess suitability for a range of treatments including:
    Shockwave therapy
    Rehabilitation programme
    Exercise programme

If you’re ready to start feeling better, click the button to book an appointment or call us.  Or, if you have some questions, please take advantage of our FREE telephone consultation offer.  

We are here to help.