ankle pain

ankle pain

  • Is ankle pain stopping you from enjoying what you love to do?
  • Have you been suffering with ankle pain for a long time?
  • Or are you wanting to treat it before the pain gets worse?

We are a team of dedicated foot and ankle specialists, having seen over 15,000 appointments, with a wealth of experience in getting people out of pain, and back to what they love to do!

  • Who do we help?

Achilles tendonitis is one of the most common reasons of ankle pain but there are many other conditions that can affect the ankle.  From acute ankle injuries sustained during sport or accidents, to chronic conditions, we have vast experience across a wide range of ankle conditions. 

Lots of patients report their ankles feel weak and that they get general pain around the ankle, but can’t necessarily pin point when the pain started.  For others a particular accident may have caused it.  We therefore work with each patient, on an individual basis, to put together a bespoke treatment plan for their unique situation.  We understand the frustration of ankle pain and how it stops you from doing whatever it is you love, whether that be walking the dog, training for a marathon or just wondering down to the shops.  From day one we will work with you to get you back to full health.  

  • How do we treat your pain?

Our knowledge, combined with the best technology available, ensures we achieve great results.  As Foot and Ankle Specialists we will:

  • Thoroughly investigate the issue
  • Develop an appropriate treatment plan and bespoke rehabilitation tailored for you, to help get you out of pain and back to enjoying life 
  • Treat the condition.  Techniques may include: rehabilitation, ankle mobilisations, ankle manipulations, shockwave therapy, exercise programmes to name but a few
  • Closely monitor your progress to ensure the best outcome
  • Strengthen and condition structures within the foot and ankle to reduce the chances of recurring pain and injuries that could stop you in the future.  We are about long term solutions, not quick fixes that merely prop you up or mask the real issue!

The First Step…

  • In your first appointment with us we will:
    – Take a full and thorough history
    – Carry out any appropriate tests which may include range of motion tests, gait analysis, nerve tests, 3D scans. 
    – Assess suitability for a range of treatments including:
    Shockwave therapy
    Ankle Mobilisation
    Ankle Manipulation
    Rehabilitation programme
    Exercise programme

  If you’re ready to start feeling better, click to book an appointment or call us.

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We are here to help.