fungal nail treatment

fungal nail treatment

Specialist Fungal Nail Treatment
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  • Are you fed up with having fungal nail and just want it gone?
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On a daily basis we see people who have been hiding their fungal nails for years, because they dislike the appearance.  They may have spent a small fortune on over the counter remedies in the belief that if they keep applying them for long enough, it will cure them.  Sadly clinical studies have proven that fungal nail lacquers are only effective in 22% of cases.  Resigned to simply putting up with it, many people then just hide their feet away, under their socks, where in the vast majority of cases it then spreads to their other nails, as it is a contagious condition.

Thankfully technology has now developed, allowing in the vast majority of cases, for it to be treated in a clinical setting.

More highly targeted than traditional laser treatment of fungal nail, after extensive research of many scientific research papers, the clinic invested in a system called PACT as we believe for many it is the best treatment for fungal nail/nail fungus , due to its:

  • Highly targeted nature, so it doesn’t harm any of the surrounding cells
  • Very high, clinically proven, success rates
  • No known side effects

Below are just a few of our own case studies. The nail takes up to 18 months to grow out, however the patients below had their final reviews at 6 months and these are photos showing their nails at this point.


What happens during my first fungal nail appointment?

1. Diagnose

We will diagnose if you do have fungal nails, or if it is a different condition causing your symptoms (for example, we often see people who have been mistakenly treating their nails for fungal infection, when in fact it is a different condition that they have that looks very similar).  Occasionally, a sample of your nail clippings may need to be taken and analysed for further clarification.

2. Treatment options discussed

Talk you through the different nail fungus treatment options available for you and your particular presentation of the condition, along with the pros and cons, so that you have all the information required to make the right decision for you.  If a different condition is diagnosed, we will discuss the relevant treatment options.  If it is decided that treatment is not suitable, we will also discuss managing the condition and/or fungal nail removal using nail surgery. 

3. Treatment of underlying conditions 

We do not allow anyone to start treatment on the same day as the consultation, to give you chance to go away and digest all the information that we give you and treat any underlying condition that may be present.  



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